1/3 of Bittrex’s assets moved out of the exchange, and a new malware found in Google Play

1/3 of Bittrex’s reserves withdrawn in one go

43 thousand of BTC (around $313 million) have been moved out from the popular crypto platform Bittrex. The assets were transferred to an unknown address which had been created recently.

The management of Bittrex only said in Twitter that the assets are safe. The American exchange is among a few that have not been hacked yet.

An app stealing cryptocurrency appeared in Google Play

An app impersonating a popular wallet MetaMask has appeared in an official shop Google Play.

When the user copies and pastes the cryptocurrency recipient’s address into the program, the app changes it into its own. In addition, the first and the last symbols of the addresses are the same, which is why it is very hard to notice the sham.

Cryptoinfowatch portal which found the problem advises to check if the wallet you are installing is connected with the official developer. The specialists also recommend checking the full address of the recipient.

Exchanger monitor

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