50% of Americans are interested in cryptocurrencies and Weiss Ratings doesn’t see risks of ETH

Gemini: More than half of US residents are interested in cryptocurrencies

More than 50% of Americans are interested in digital currencies, according to a Gemini study. The platform surveyed about 3,000 Americans. 63% of respondents showed interest in digital currencies.

About 14% of respondents own digital assets, and 13% are ready to purchase them in the coming year. Gemini believes that the number of cryptocurrency owners could double within a year.

77% of those surveyed said they would like to learn more about digital currencies, whether they own them or not. Gemini CEO Noah Perlman noted that trading platforms that emphasize user safety make digital currencies more accessible and attractive.

Weiss Ratings did not see the risks associated with ETH

Analysts at Weiss Ratings did not notice any threat to ETH’s position from similar projects in the near term. Cryptocoins are often criticized for insufficient bandwidth and rather serious commissions for operations.

“Many people say that other blockchains are “ catching up with ETH”, but we are extremely skeptical about that. It’s all too reminiscent of 2017, when the self-proclaimed Ethereum killers sacrificed decentralization to be faster and cheaper. We all know how it ended. For many of these projects, the only hope to survive is to become an Ethereum sidechain,” Weiss Ratings analysts wrote on Twitter.

Today, the main competitor to Ethereum is Binance Smart Chain. But there are bandwidth issues on this blockchain — recently, the development team of the PancakeSwap exchange reported about the congestion of the BSC network.

The head of BitMEX spoke about the company’s plans

The head of BitMEX, Alexander Heptner, allowed the company to enter an IPO, invest in SPAC or issue tokens. It is about implementing a new platform strategy.

BitMEX is ready to go beyond the usual business by adding spot trading, broker services, custodial services, and information products to the platform. The platform is poised to become “one of the world’s largest regulated crypto derivatives exchanges and a powerful catalyst for change in the financial services industry.”

“I joined BitMEX at the beginning of the year with a very specific mission to help expand the focus on crypto derivatives and beyond. It’s time to actively build up our user base,” said Alex Hoptner, CEO of the crypto exchange.

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