90% Ethereum investors are out-of-the-money, and Youtube started to delete videos about cryptocurrency

90% Ethereum investors are out-of-the-money

About 90% of Ethereum holders acquire the coin at the price higher than the current price, according to portal Intotheblock. A mere 8% of investors s are “in-the-money”, and 2% of addresses are “at-the-money,” with an average purchase price almost equal to the current spot price.

Currently the price of Ethereum is slightly lower that $130 which is 90% lower than the record high. Half of ETH owners acquired the coin at the price higher than $211, and 9% invested when the price was within the range of $745–1,340.

Youtube started to remove videos about cryptocurreny

11 youtubers said that the hosting deleted parts of their videos about cryptocurrencies. Among affected are such channels as Altcoin Daily, Сhico Crypto, The Cryptoverse, Crypto Tips, BTC Sessions and Chris Dunn.

Chris Dunn who has over 200 thousand subscribers complained that the server had blocked a considerable part of his content:

“@YouTube just removed most of my crypto videos citing “harmful or dangerous content” and ‘sale of regulated goods’… it’s been 10 years of making videos, 200k+ subs, and 7M+ views. WTF are you guys doing @TeamYouTube?!” — he wrote in a tweet.

In the hosting rules there is no direct restriction against mentioning cryptocurrencies. However, in the summer of 2018 Google LLC, the company that owns Youtube, completely banned blockchain-related advertisements. In September the corporation slightly lifted the restrictions having allowed advertising of cryptocurrency exchange services in the USA in Japan.

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