95% of BTC trading volume is fake, and Korean hackers steal cryptocurrency via Telegram

Research: 95% of BTC trading volume is fake

Japanese analyst Koji Higashi tried to find out the real cryptocurrency trading volumes. In order to do that, he used CoinGecko, a service that filters out “suspicious” deals from genuine ones.

It turned out that 95% of the total reported bitcoin volumes are “suspicious”. If you leave only those deals that are confirmed by CoinGecko, the real daily btc trading volume is 10,000 BTC (around $70 millions) against the nominal volume was 2,600,000 BTC (around $18 billion).

Ethereum, Litecoin, and EOS trade volumes fake trading volumes constitute 99%, the analyst says. He also point out that the bitcoin’s market dominance is about 70% vs nominal market share of 50%.

Korean hackers steal cryptocurrency via Telegram

North Korean hacker group Lazarus has changed their scheme to steal cryptocurrency. Previously, they only targeted MacOS users, but now there is also a threat to Windows users, according to security researchers from Kaspesky Lab.

Threat actors create fake websites of crypto companies and their Telegram groups, spreading malicious software through them. The virus is launched straight out of the messnger’s folder and gets an access to the PC.

The researchers say they’ve identified several victims, based in the UK, Poland, Russia, and China. Several of these victims were confirmed to be not just single crypto investors, but also cryptocurrency businesses.

460 wallets own over 40% of ETH, LTC, Tether and ADA

Intotheblock service analyzed what share of popular cryptocurrencies are owned by “whales”. It turned out that 39 addresses own 11,1% bitcoin, 154 addresses control 40% bitcoin cash, and 105 addresses have 28% of litecoins.

The concentration is even higher for Cardano and Thether: 39 addresses own 40% of ADA, and 140 addresses own 58% of Tether.

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