Cardano and Polkadot expand staked capitalization dominance

According to data from StakingRewards, Cardano is now the top blockchain in terms of staked value, with roughly $26.4 billion worth of ADA allocated to securing the network. With Cardano’s entire capitalization amounting to $36.6 billion, 73% of circulating ADA are being staked.

StakingRewards estimates Cardano stakers are earning an annual reward of 7.22%.

The second-largest crypto asset by staked value is Polkadot with $22.7 billion worth of DOT locked — that is 64% of its circulating supply. Average annual staking rewards for DOT are estimated at more than 13%.

Cardano and Polkadot currently represent 7.9% of the $620.6 billion…

China’s Central Bank has recognized digital currencies for the first time

The Chinese regulator has recognized, for the first time, digital cryptocurrencies as an asset. Li Bo, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, called them an alternative investment asset.

“Li Bo, deputy governor of the Central Bank of China, said that crypto assets such as Bitcoin should be used as investment tools or alternative investments. This is the first time that the Chinese government has recognized the asset value of cryptocurrencies,” Chinese journalist Colin Wu tweeted.

In addition, he noted that the PRC is currently looking for options for optimal regulation of the crypto market. The journalist wrote that…

Crypto enthusiast: cryptocurrency is a profitable purchase

TV host Jim Kramer said he cashed out 50% of his BTC to pay off his mortgage, calling the cryptocurrency a bargain. Earlier, the journalist was rather skeptical about the main crypto coin, preferring to invest in gold.

However, then the TV presenter reconsidered his point of view. He began to view bitcoin as a tool to protect against inflation and diversify the investment portfolio.

According to Kramer, he acquired BTC when it was worth about $ 12,000. The TV presenter decided to fix the profit when the first coin became more expensive than $ 60'000.

“Now I have both…

After listing, Coinbase turned out to be more expensive than NASDAQ, on which it was listed

On April 14, trading in shares of the cryptocurrency platform Coinbase began on the NASDAQ. After the start of trading, the share price rose to $381 at the set reference price of $250, and after a while, the securities rose in price to $429. By the end of trading, Coinbase’s capitalization reached $86 billion.

As of April 15, the share price on the US premarket hovers around $344. On Thursday, at the premarket, the crypto platform’s securities rose 11% to $365.

At this rate, Coinbase is even more valuable than Nasdaq and the Intercontinental Exchange, which owns the New York…

Most fund managers see BTC as a bubble

Most fund managers see the first cryptocurrency as a bubble, according to a new survey by Bank of America. This opinion is shared by 74% of the respondents. In total, the study involved 200 people who manage assets totaling $533 billion.

Also, respondents put bitcoin in second place in the list of assets with the most serious speculative component. The first place, with a slight advantage, is occupied by shares of technology companies.

About 10% of professional investors are confident that BTC will become the leader in terms of profitability this year.

Analysts believe the main cryptocurrency will continue to grow

According to Coinmarketcap data as of April 13…

Raiffeisenbank analysts predict that 10% of countries will issue their own crypto coins by 2025

10% of countries will issue national digital currencies by 2025 and launch platforms for exchanging such assets. This is stated in a new report by Raiffeisenbank.

Analysts are confident that the authorities of various states will need a little time to form a regulatory framework, and tokenized assets will become a tool for investment and savings.

Erik Voorhees claims the biggest event in crypto this week isn’t Coinbase’s listing

According to Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift CEO and crypto industry stalwart ,Coinbase’s listing isnt’t the biggest event in crypto this week.

He says, that the launch of ThorChain is arguably the biggest event in crypto this week, which is a pretty big claim.

ThorChain’s launch…

Analysts of the Kraken crypto platform predicted the growth of the first crypto coin to $90,000, and Ethereum to $15,000. This is stated in a new report from the company.

According to experts, March turned out to be quite successful for BTC; in the last month alone, the first crypto coin grew by 30%. This is the sixth consecutive bullish month for Bitcoin.

Analysts believe that BTC will rise in April, as it has historically been a very good month for the main cryptocurrency. In past years, in April, the price of bitcoin grew by an average of 51%.


The blockchain, cryptocurrency and mining forum is gathering 4,000 participants at the Music Media Dome

The forum program includes:

DeFi and NFT Trends in 2021.

Section on Industry Regulation in Russia and the law on CFA.

Master class on the implementation of blockchain in business.

Live interview for the 2021 cryptocurrency market review.

Section from traders on the analysis of the cryptocurrency market from the world’s leading exchanges.

Participants will find thematic sections and new presentation formats, a Speed networking zone between participants, the Networking 2.0 …

Experts at Allianz think that the collapse of bitcoin could disrupt the global monetary system

Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser at Allianz, thinks that it is too early to talk about the possible collapse of bitcoin ecosystem. The cryptocoin is «not too big to fail». However, if we admit the probability of the BTC collapse, «it could disrupt the global monetary system».

«From a narrow perspective, it’s not too big to fail; from a broader perspective, that would be another challenge to the liquidity paradigm, where investors simply bet on liquidity. This is an asset that wants to establish itself, but it can only establish itself if governments allow it to», he said in an…

XRP has risen in price by 40% in 24 hours

The XRP rate, according to data from CoinGecko on April 6, rose 40.5%. The token price exceeded the $1 level, but then began to decline.

XRP is among the four largest cryptoassets in terms of capitalization. Over the past seven days, the crypto coin has risen in price by almost 70%.

One Twitter user wrote that Coinbase intends to bring back XRP support. Crypto market participants believe that rumors about this could have had a positive effect on the cryptocurrency rate.

Luxury fashion brands get interested in NFT

Renowned fashion brands such as Gucci are preparing to launch their own NFTs. The timing of the release is…


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