A citizen of Russia got scammed by crypto fraudsters and Bitcoin is recovering

A citizen of Russia got scammed by crypto fraudsters

A citizen of Russia became a victim of a fraudulent ploy of crypto criminals. He got a phone call from a woman that told him she knew a way to earn a large amount of money. At first, the man was not very interested, but having read the reviews on the internet, he decided to pay 30,000 roubles ($ 470) to register on a trading internet platform.

Within a month he transferred over 1 million roubles (approximately $15,635) for which he allegedly purchased bitcoin. After bitcoin’s price grew, the man decided to convert his income into cash. It turned out that to do that he needed to deposit additional funds to pay for insurance and taxes. As a result, the man transferred an additional 1,5 million roubles ($23,453). Currently the case is under investigation with law enforcement authorities.

Bitcoin managed to recover

The price of the main crypto coin started to recover. The movement started yesterday evening. But today the first crypto coin reached the mark of $10,219. The market capitalization increased up to $183,4 billion.

Many crypto enthusiasts kept optimistic when bitcoin dropped below $10,000 on Thursday. There were opinions that BTC price drop was corrective in nature. It was also suggested that this is due to the outflow of capital cause by the US Federal Reserve System to inject $128 billion into the country’s financial system.

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