A Few Words Abot Notaphily

Currently notaphily is one of the most popular ways of collection. At all times paper banknotes sparked interest in people, since some samples can be called masterpiece.

People began collecting paper currency systematically in the 1940. International Bank Note Society (IBNS) was formed in 1961. The turning point occurred in the 1970s when notaphily was established as a separate area by collectors.

To become a collector one must get a memorable banknote. To create a collection, one needs a theme and a high quality of bonds.

The main factor determining the value of a banknote is its state. Damages in condition may alter the price of the banknote by tens of times. The more details are visible and the better the condition, the higher the banknote’s value is. In our times, Uncirculated (UNC) is the condition suitable for collection. Uncirculated grade refers to a banknote that is bright and has no handling damage, such as folds or creases, or rounded corners. Any defect, even the slightest one, makes the banknote lose its grade Uncirculated and it will be categorized with the help of lower grades (About uncirculated, Extremely Fine, Very fine and lower).

It is important to remember that collection is a way of preserving culturally valuable items Over the past decades people started to turn to cultural origins more often. Collections of paper money and coins become more popular each year.

Do you have any collection of banknotes? Would you consider adopting collecting banknotes as a personal hobby?

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