A successful year for entire cryptoindustry

Not only COVID-19 year, but the most successful since crypto winter

The Coronavirus did not make any effort to prevent crypto enthusiasts from trading.

According to Mass Media, 2020 turned out to stay quite successful in the context of assessing the size of investments in cryptocurrency projects.

Crypto companies did their best to raise about $ 3.1 billion. All in all, it took near 800 transactions to reach the score. Despite serious downgrade of players activity during the first half a year, the situation has slightly changed by the end of 2020.

For example, BAKKT finished trade round with 300 million dollars in total. The majority of funds came from M12, PayU system, CMT and The Boston Consulting Group.

Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, Florida, declared BTC as a stable investment portfolio

If you have never heard about this man before, now it is high time. The official said: “Great insight into how Bitcoin has been a stable investment during and incredibly unstable year.”

The mayor wrote that he learned about BTC from Tyler Winklevoss and Anthony Pompliano. And «Pomp» has declared Miami is on its way to become Bitcoin city, whatever it means.

So, for now crypto educated politic states Miami truly can be the first crypto-friendly city across the whole country.

No doubt that South Florida takes its leadership to proceed crypto industry, based on advanced technologies. Suarez also said that he was reading the book “Bitcoin Billionaires”, which was authored by Tyler Winklevoss.

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