Allegedly Nakamoto’s bitcoins move, and 95% of BTC addresses have zero balance

Did Satoshi Nakamoto show up?

On May 20, coins mined a month after the launch of the Bitcoin blockchain began to move. They have not moved since February 2009.

At that time, only a few people were engaged in cryptocurrency mining, including the creator of bitcoin, known under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

The transaction was made from a wallet issued on block 3,654. Before the creation of this address in the BTC network, a total of only 97 transfers were made. CoinMetrics noticed that after this information became public, Bitcoin price fell from $9,750 to $9,300 in an hour.

Glassnode: 95% of bitcoin addresses have zero balance

Glassnode service experts noted that as of May 20, the number of wallets with a balance of over 1 BTC updated the historical maximum, reaching the level of 815,698. At the same time, out of 626 million existing addresses, 95% have zero balance.

The number of active bitcoin addresses that perform transactions daily is three times higher than Ethereum, 11 times higher than Litecoin and 140 times than XRP addresses. The number of new daily BTC addresses is five times higher than in the case of Ethereum. For example, in 24 hours after the halving, 470 thousand addresses were created on the bitcoin network, and 90 thousand on the Ethereum blockchain.



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