Altcoin price is going up, while bitcoin is dropping. However, CEO of BitMEXbelieves that BTC can surge to $20,000

Altcoins are growing in price while BTC is dropping

Today, September, 18, Bitcoin fell into the red zone. The price for the main crypto coin reached the mark of $10, 199 on 13:00 CET. However, at 7:30 a.m. it was still trading at $10, 261. But, according to Coinmarketcap, other top-10 tokens show a steady growth. Ethereum price grew up to $212 during 24 hours, having risen by 6,3%. A few hours earlier altcoin reached its monthly price maximum of $216. XRP grew by 12%, up to $0,3. Stellar demonstrated the most active growth, having risen up to $0,7 (+19,4%). Despite the growth of altcoins, experts think that it is just a rebound, that’s why it is too early to talk about the possible reversal of the entire market.

Head of BitMEX crypto exchange is confident in explosive growth of BTC

Arthur Hayes, CEO of cryptocurrency derivatives platform BitMEX is confident that the main crypto coin will once again reach the mark of $20, 000. Crypto enthusiast thinks that will happen because of pumping the economy with newly-printed money which will lead to the loss of interest to fiat money. Hayes believes that The US Federal Reserve will restart quantitative easing policy. Last week the European Central Bank launched the program and decreased the deposit rate down to a new historical minimum.

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