Analysts are sure that the metaverses will change the modern economy

People have heard about virtual worlds, but only 15% of them are able to clearly explain what it is. This point of view was expressed by the head of the Skolkovo School of Management Alexander Kim. The expert believes that in the future the metaverses will change the economy.

Somnium Space company was one of the first open source metaverse platforms on the market. According to the founder of the project Artur Sychov, when the user is in the virtual world, he is fully connected with the environment.

And although Somnium Space remains one of the pioneers in the field of metaverses, many global companies have become interested in this area. The recent rebranding of Facebook showed that the company plans to build a significant part of its business strategy around the metaverse.

IT giants such as Microsoft, Alphabet, Roblox and NVIDIA have also invested heavily in virtual reality.

According to some analysts, the economy of virtual worlds can reach $800 billion in just 2 years. It’s not just about fun and games. Companies can fully develop their business in the virtual world. For example, the consulting company PwC plans to develop relevant solutions in its technology laboratory in the Middle East.

“The idea of the metaverse with PwC is to understand that we look at it as an evolution, not a revolution. We are aware that the situation is changing, that the needs of our customers may differ,” said Rahaf Abutarbush, technologist at the PwC laboratory in the Middle East.

Du Jin, co-founder of crypto platform Huobi Global, expressed an opinion that thanks to the metaverses, “familiar two-dimensional activities such as reading text or viewing images and videos on the screen will become three-dimensional.”

“Instead of traditional online shopping, when you see a list of products on the screen, you can walk around the virtual trading floor and look at the goods. That is, you are not just viewing the content, you are part of it. Another concept is augmented reality technologies that will allow you to transfer digital objects and people into the physical world using holograms. They will move, feel and look like real people, connecting the physical and digital worlds,” says Doo Jin.