Analysts have predicted that by 2030 tokenized assets will amount to about 10% of global GDP

Chamath Palihapitiya, founder of Social Capital, believes that in the future it will be possible to find tools to tokenize your property to increase its value. The billionaire is confident that the losses that people are currently dealing with “you will never face in the future world of decentralized finance.”

According to the businessman, DeFi will allow creating a system where assets from the real world will be taxed. Palihapitiya stated that owners of digital assets will not resist paying taxes due to the prospect of substantial income.

“There will come a time when the government will say, ‘Look, we’re going to do everything possible for you to earn. All we need is for you to pay taxes.’ The authorities will be able to easily track values,” said the founder of Social Capital.

Recently, Matrixport co-founder Cynthia Wu suggested that in the next 10 years, almost any conservative asset will be tokenized or presented in the form of NFTs. According to the entrepreneur, the tokenization of key financial assets will significantly increase their liquidity.

A Matrixport top manager said asset tokenization is interesting to financial institutions, but they are reluctant to move from legacy systems to new ones. So far, companies have not found the tools to exchange NFTs as simply and quickly as in the case of fungible or divisible assets. But tokenization and blockchain can solve this problem.

“Blockchain is more efficient than legacy systems. Providing round-the-clock access to the market and the absence of intermediaries are the main factors that are quite capable of streamlining the financial system,” said W.

Analysts at the consulting company BCG believe that by 2030 tokenized assets will account for about 10% of global GDP. This is about $16 trillion compared to $310 billion this year.

Experts predict that the growth of tokenized assets will occur in real estate, investments, securities, as well as in less conservative assets, such as fleets and patents.

What do you think about the prospects for tokenization?



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