Analysts hope for first coin’s rate recovery, Ethereum price reached $200, any Lithuanian citizen will be able to purchase bitcoins

BTC price dropped. Analytics hope it will soon recover

The price of the main crypto coin has dropped. According to Coinmarket data on September, 17 BTC costs $10,257. However, experts think that bitcoin rate will recover after the anticipated Federal Reserve’s rate cut, which can be followed by a decrease in the purchasing power of fiat assets. Nigel Green, CEO of the deVere Group, noted that the first crypto coin will be growing after interest rates in the US are reduced by 25 basis points. Earlier, Anthony Pompliano, partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets, said that BTC could fly high if the Fed rate cuts are followed by quantitative easing program. Crypto enthusiast Max Keiser noted that the Fed’s continued monetary easing would send bitcoin to $100,000.

Ethereum rose in price upon the news of the token to be accepted by a large payment service

According to Coinmarketcap, during the last 24 hours, the price of ethereum rose up to $200 (+3,67%). This happened against the background of BitPay payment system’s announcement that it plans to add ETH. Service representatives promised that it would take place within the coming weeks but didn’t specify the date. Users will be able to pay with ethereum for goods in services at project’s partners. Also, users will be able to top up BitPay Prepaid Visa Card and store altcoin in BitPay wallet. According to Vitalik Buterin, creator of ethereum, this will help Ethereum to integrate into global payment systems.

Largest chain of convenience stores in Lithuania will promote bitcoins

Narvesen chain (60 stores) and Lietuvos Spauda kiosks in Lithuania are launching the sale of bitcoin vouchers that can be exchanged online into real bitcoins. A person will not need any ID for that, they will only need to provide their email address and the address of their cryptocurrency wallet.

This project is aimed at simplifying the possibility to buy Bitcoins, even for those who have never done that. Narvesen stores and Lietuvos Spauda kiosks have been chosen for that purpose due to their popularity among Lithuanians and positive attitude to cryptocurrencies, and their clients is a necessary targeted audience.

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