💬 Are reviews on BestChange real?

Let’s talk about where it’s best to look for reviews about exchangers. The website of an exchanger is no good for this purpose — there is a possibility that negative reviews are simply deleted there. It’s best to study independent third-party sites. Information on various forums and social networks can also be unreliable: good reviews are easy to buy, and bad ones are also bought — but by competitors.

So, why Its’ recommended checking reviews specifically on BestChange:

📝 The creator of the review must confirm it by email, so the possibility of fake automated reviews is excluded.

📝 Negative reviews are made into claims, to lift which the exchanger must solve the problem and notify the user about it.

📝The content of all reviews is checked to make sure there is no speculations and slander in them. Reviews of advertising nature are not allowed.

Don’t forget to write reviews about exchangers you use yourself. This is an invaluable help to other users, especially when it comes to a service that has recently appeared on BestChange.



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