Beware of fraudsters posing for BestChange

Dear users,

We want to draw your attention to the fact that the activity of threat actors has recently increased. They send via different communities and chats in messengers information about “earning” or “investing” on behalf of BestChange or through little-known exchangers.

We are informing you that we do not offer any investing and that we do not have managers in our staff who would offer exchanging money to earn profit. If somebody writes to you with such an offer, be sure you are dealing with fraudsters!


Threat actors create fake exchangers and describe schemes that allegedly allow earning on exchange rates making two operations: source currency → cryptocurrency → source currency. In the majority of such schemes, the second step is described with the usage of fraudulent websites. Sometimes more complicated schemes are created, please be vigilant!

If you become a victim of any of such fraud and transfer money to the threat actors, we advise you to contact law-enforcing authorities.

Our company does not offer any schemes for investing or earning and does not provide written guarantees, permissions, or conformations. If somebody offers you a photo or scanned documents with payment details of the monitor, this is undoubtedly fraudsters, stay away from them and do not communicate with them. Please inform our support about such facts of forgery at, and our moderators will facilitate the blocking of resources that cast a shadow on our honest name.


It is safer to choose exchangers in our monitor — we check all websites before listing and regularly watch their reputation afterwards:

If you find an exchanger somewhere with considerably better rates than those on our monitor, these are most likely fraudsters.


We wish you only smooth and profitable exchangers. If you need additional support, please write to us at, and our specialists will try to help you.



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