Bill Gates calls for caution regarding cryptocurrency, and representatives of the PDAX crypto exchange demand that users return the purchased BTC

Bill Gates urged investors to be careful with cryptocurrency

“So, I’m not bullish on Bitcoin, and my general thought would be: If you have less money than Elon, you should probably watch out,” Gates said.

Another entrepreneur, billionaire from India, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, is confident that the “bitcoin party” will end badly for its participants. He called transactions with bitcoins “high-grade speculation.” The businessman supports the initiative of the Indian authorities to ban cryptocurrency assets.

The largest crypto exchange demanded from users to return BTC purchased at $6,000

This was used by users who started buying BTC at an abnormally low price and withdrawing coins to cold wallets. After that, PDAX representatives demanded that the clients return the cryptocurrency and threaten them with legal proceedings.

“I managed to transfer the purchased BTC to another wallet outside PDAX just before they closed the trading and eventually the website. After almost 24 hours, they sent me a demand letter and SMS, requesting me to transfer back the BTC, which was purchased well within my rights without violating any laws or regulations of the trading platform, or they ‘may’ be compelled to take legal actions against me,” a Redditor wrote.

European Central Bank wants to veto the issue of stablecoins

“Where an asset-reference arrangement is tantamount to a payment system or scheme, the assessment of the potential threat to the conduct of monetary policy, and to the smooth operation of payment systems, should fall within the exclusive competence of the ECB,” the ECB said in its conclusion.

The regulator also said in a statement that the rules for the circulation of cryptocurrencies proposed by the European Union should be changed to make the ECB’s opinion on this issue mandatory for the authorities evaluating applications for the issue of stablecoins.



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