Binance must return the stolen cryptocurrency, and crypto enthusiasts’ statements lead to Dogecoin growth

Binance forced to track stolen cryptocurrency

The court ruled that Binance must find and block the stolen digital currency if it is still on the exchange. These are Bitcoin, USDT, BNB and FET.

“We have been working closely with Binance and local enforcement to obtain details about the hacker. Issuing a court order for the release of this information is a standard process,” said a Fetch spokesperson.

Crypto enthusiasts spoke about Dogecoin, which led to its growth

Ahead of the weekend, Cuban announced special discounts for his basketball club’s new club merchandise sale for DOGE payers. According to the entrepreneur, Dogecoin is “the strongest cryptocurrency in terms of a medium of exchange.” He was supported by Elon Musk, who wrote: “I’ve been saying this for a while.”

“What people overlook at doge is that imperfection and simplicity are its strengths. You can only use a coin for two things: Spend or hold. Both are easy to understand. And it’s cheap to buy. It all makes her [dogecoin] a community that anyone can join,” Mark Cuban then wrote.



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