Bitcoin can reach $65,000 at the end of 2022, but be outperformed by ETH

The cost of the main crypto coin by the end of 2022 will reach $65,185. This forecast was voiced by analysts working in the field of fintech, interviewed by Finder.

Experts expressed the opinion that the bitcoin rate will continue to grow. They believe that by the end of 2025 BTC will overcome the $179,280 mark, and at the end of 2030 it will reach $420,240.

About 67% of respondents are sure that the time to buy cryptocurrency has come. And only 9% believe that it is time to exit the asset. One of those who support this view is Canberra University lecturer John Hawkins.

“In addition to replacing private CBDC cryptocurrencies and the general collapse of the speculative bubble, I think that Bitcoin will lose out to Ethereum, which has more efficient use cases, especially if the network moves to Proof-of-Stake and becomes greener,” he said.

50% of experts are sure that eventually BTC will lose its position as the most popular digital coin, giving way to a more advanced blockchain. 38% said that Bitcoin will be able to hold its ground.

“Ethereum could outperform BTC in terms of market cap. Solana becomes the main hub for on-chain derivatives. Bitcoin is not a technology-enhancing blockchain at all. It’s just a cryptocurrency if you look at it,” says Tykhe Block Ventures co-founder Ganesh Kompella.

The experts were also asked to compile the top 5 most effective digital currencies. 87% of respondents pointed to Ethereum. BTC came in second with 71% of the study participants voting for it. Solana closes the top three, which was mentioned by 55% of respondents. In addition, the top 5 included Avalanche and Terra, with about 30% of votes for these crypto assets.

Probably, the positive expectations of experts regarding the second most popular crypto coin are associated with the approaching transition of the Ethereum blockchain to the PoS model. In April, the project developers began testing this method of transaction verification using a test version of the Shadow Fork network.

Cryptocurrency market participants believe that the update, called The Merge, will change not only the ETH algorithm, but also the approach to earning with it.

Earlier, trader and analyst Alex Kruger voiced a positive outlook on Ethereum. He said he was optimistic that the ETH staking after the upgrade “will deliver higher returns than real or inflation-adjusted returns in traditional markets.”

Do you agree with the analyst’s point of view?



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