Bitcoin Cash undergoes halving, and the U.S. public debt exceeds$ 24 trillion

Bitcoin Cash undergoes halving

The night before halving, the coin went up from $251 to $275, but today it has again dropped in price to $257. In about 12 hours, halving of Bitcoin SV, another fork of the first cryptocurrency, will happen. According to BSV developer Bat Jasper, this will negatively affect cryptocurrency as it will make its mining less profitable than mining bitcoin.

We would like to remind that halving in the network of BTC itself is expected on May 13, the reward will drop from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC.

U.S. national debt hits a record $24 trillion

The sharp increase of this figure was caused by the U.S. Federal Reserve program to support the economy during the financial crisis brought about by coronavirus. The regulator intends to print $6 trillion worth of banknotes.

Earlier, TV presenter Max Kaiser called the dollar “debt coupons,” and popular writer Robert Kiyosaki called for investing in bitcoin and gold:

“IF US Debt to GDP ratio 60% world sound. Today US Debt to GDP 110% and climbing. US bankrupt”, he tweeted.

The number of ETH addresses has exceeded 70 million

The figure began to sharply grow in November 2017 before the coin set a price record of $1,300. Since that time, the cost of ETH was mostly falling and today it is $171. Despite this, the number of addresses has increased 8.2 times since November 2017.

The number of active addresses in March was about 230 thousand — the figure correlates with the price of ethereum. The maximum at the level of 715 thousand was set in January 2018, when the cryptocurrency price reached a historical record.



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