Bitcoin ceased to be digital gold, and vulnerability of Android crypto wallets has been discovered

Opinion: bitcoin ceased to be digital gold

The world’s first cryptocurrency ceased to be a “save haven” during the time of stock market turmoil, the analyst of CoinDesk, Sebastian Sinclair writes. He pointed out that previously bitcoin tended to rise when the index S&P 500 fell.

The correlation was negative 20–30%. Since the beginning of October, the level of correlation dropped to negative 10%, which does not allow investors use the cryptocurrency waiting for the stock market turmoil to pass, the analyst thinks.

Vulnerability discovered in popular bitcoin-wallets for Android

Specialists of the Promon company announced that 500 popular Android adds

have vulnerability called StrandHogg. With its help, hackers fake a login screen and steal users’ credentials.

Most often the criminals attack owners of crypto owners, but they can also obtain access to microphone, photos, files and messages on the victim’s device.

Promon informed Google about the vulnerability last summer and the company has removed some affected apps, however up until now the problem has not been solved for all Android versions.

NVIDIA is glad the cryptocurrency boom is over

NVIDIA held a meeting of share holders at which it became clear that the profit from the sales of gaming products fell by 24%.

CFO Colette Kress said that this is due to the decline in cryptocurrency’s popularity which was caused by their price growth at the end of 2017.

Kress was relived to say that now NVIDIA is not depended on cryptocurrency factor and can focus on its core businesses. According to her, there are no hints that the cryptocurrency boom will return.

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