Bitcoin goes up by 80% in a month, and ETH coins can be checked for “cleanliness”

Bitcoin goes up in price by 80% in a month

In mid-March, the first cryptocurrency was trading at $3,800 with its exchange rate having fallen by 50% in two days.

Currently one bitcoin can be bought for $6,850, which is 80% higher than the monthly minimum.

Delphi Digital specialists compared the profitability of main assets, including the SPX and DXY indices, gold and oil over the past 12 months. It turned out that Bitcoin showed the best result, gaining 41%.

For comparison, for the same period, SPX dropped by 4.45%, gold added 25%, and oil fell by almost 60%.

Ethereum coins can be checked for “cleanliness”

The official Etherscan ethereum network tool will help one find out the origin of the coin. Using the ETHProtect function, users can find out if tokens were used in illicit activities.

Representatives of the company said that they receive messages about “suspicious” transactions on a daily basis, and if the information is confirmed, the tool blacklists the indicated address. Coins sent from this address will be tracked and marked with a special sign.

Currently, one bitcoin can be bought for $6,850, which is 80% higher than the monthly minimum.




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