Bitcoin hash rate recovers after Chinese miners return

We want to remind our users that amid a large-scale power outage in some provinces of China, mining equipment has been suspended since April 16. As a result, the average computing power of the network has almost halved from 198 EH/s to 106 EH/s. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the recalculation of the mining difficulty upwards took place on April 16. All these factors caused a local collapse, and there were up to 136 thousand transactions in the confirmation queue at the maximum, while the usual rate is no more than 30–40 thousand. Amid delays, the average transaction price increased by 240%, which froze some transactions for one and a half to two weeks.

Earlier, we reported that some affiliate payments and bitcoin faucet payouts are delayed precisely because of this network problem.

The situation began to improve at the end of last week. The power supply of mining enterprises has resumed, which positively affected the bitcoin hash rate. On Tuesday, April 27, this figure rose to 170 EH / s.

On the morning of April 28, all previously delayed transactions from our wallet have already received confirmation, and the transfers are with the recipients. Also, problems with delays in bitcoin transfers in exchangers should be resolved at the moment. If you have not yet received your funds for any order, you can contact our moderators at Our moderators will help you check the status of the transaction and will contact the exchanger if necessary.

We thank all partners and users of our service for their patience and understanding!

Exchanger monitor

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