Bitcoin hash rate rises above $10,000 again, and ETH network activity is approaching a three-year peak

Bitcoin rate rises above $10,000 again

On Monday night, the price of BTC again went over the $10,000 mark and its current average market level is $10,220.

The first cryptocurrency was last traded so high this February. At the same time, the cryptocurrency market cap has exceeded $300 billion, having updated its annual maximum.

Some of the digital currencies from the TOP-30 are also in positive territory: Ethereum has risen in price by 3.92% in a day, and by 36% in a week. ETC gained 8.16% in 24 hours, while ZCash gained 3.97%. However, other crypto assets are showing negative dynamics: the value of Stellar sank 4.04%, Litecoin — 1.17%, XRP — 0.84%.

Bitcoin inflow to exchanges demonstrates record growth

Amid BTC price plunge, the number of coins introduced to exchanges has also increased — this indicator has updated a maximum of three months.

At the same time, the volume of profitable BTC grew to 88%, hitting an 11-month high. This metric shows the number of bitcoins that were moved below the current price for the last price. In early July, the figure was 70%, and in March it dropped to 45%. The number of unprofitable coins has dropped to 2.13 million BTC today.

Ethereum network activity is approaching a three-year peak

The growth of new and active addresses on the Ethereum network is at the level of 2017 before the price of the coin rose to an all-time high.

According to research by Xangle, in Q2 2020, the number of new addresses increased by 134%, and for the active ones, this figure is 33%. At the same time, commission fees increased by 688%. The company’s analysts note that Q2 of the year paved the way for further price rate in the next quarter.

Today Ethereum is trading at $324, which is the annual maximum of the rate.

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