Bitcoin keeps dropping and the OECD is preparing new rules for regulating the international cryptocurrency market

Bitcoin keeps dropping

Nevertheless, crypto experts advise not to panic because of the fall of BTC and a number of other popular crypto coins.

NEXO co-founder Anthony Trenchev believes the pullback was needed due to the overheated market. But in the long term, nothing will prevent Bitcoin from repeating its record three years ago and reaching $20,000.

OECD will present international cryptocurrency tax regulations in 2021

According to the head of the OECD Center for Tax Policy Pascal Saint-Amans, the innovations will be similar to the existing standards for combating tax criminals. The OECD hopes that the European Commission will pay attention to the solutions proposed by the organization, as they will meet the requirements of European regulators.

Earlier, the European Commission initiated amendments to the EU legislation to combat financial offences. Until December 21, the organization plans to collect proposals from experts on an initiative aimed, among other things, at tightening control over crypto operations.

Deloitte: many financial institutions are ready to spend more on blockchain implementation

14% of respondents intend to significantly increase the item of development costs. Another 33% of the survey participants said that investments will remain at the same level, and 27% intend to slightly cut costs.

The survey was conducted among 800 top managers of banks, investment companies, hedge funds, payment services, and insurance companies.

According to the survey, blockchain turned out to be the №2 technology in popularity among financial market players, the costs for which can be increased. Cloud solutions have become the most demanded direction for development.

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