Today cryptocurrency community is celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Exactly nine years ago, on 22 May 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz, a developer from Florida state, made the first purchase for bitcoin in history. On that remarkable day he bought two pizzas for 10'000 BTC (about $45 at the exchange rate at that time and approximately $79,3 million at the current rate).

Back in 2010, bitcoin owners did not know how and on what to spend them, and Laszlo placed a post on the largest forum dedicated to bitcoin, saying that he would exchange 10'000 BTC for two large Papa John’s pizzas. The rate at that time was only $0,0045 for 1 BTC. Of course, Papa John’s never accepted nor it does not accept now bitcoins as a form of payment. Laszlo sent 10'000 BTC to a user from England, how ordered pizza delivery by paying for it with a regular card.

More than likely that hadn’t Laszlo Hanyecz hadn’t initiated the purchase of real goods for bitcoins, the bitcoin rate wouldn’t have reached the mark we witness today. We’d like to remind that today one bitcoin costs approximately $8000.

Laszlo Hanyecz was experimenting with bitcoin mining on a video card. Before him the few enthusiasts were only using computer processors. Before his experiment, he could mine no more than one block (50 BTC) per day on his computer, but as soon as he launched mining via video card, he started to mine one or two blocks every hour.

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