Bitcoin price is up by 800 million percent and the coin enters the “Renaissance” era

Bitcoin price rose by 800 million percent over 10 years

Twitter user Saifedean Ammous noted that the world’s main cryptocurrency rose in price by 838,078,685% over 10 years. The first exchange deal took place on October 12, 2009 — that day 5050 BTC were sold for $5,02. Today the same amount of coins costs around $42 million, the user writes.

The information about transaction is kept on blockchain:

Will bitcoin take off? The number of millionaire-wallets is growing fast

The number of wallets with the balance of over 1000 BTC is increasing in the manner similar to 2010–2010, crypto analyst Willy Woo said. According to him, at the early stage of bitcoin development, such wallets belonged to the tech savvy who were bootstrapping the new technology.

Today 1000 BTC costs around $10 million, which means capital influx of high net worth investors. According to analyst, it will bring to a new “renaissance” of the world’s first cryptocurrency.

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