Bitcoin skyrockets and Visa enters cryptocurrency market

Bitcoin skyrockets

Bitcoin’s price went up by $700 within less than a day — from $8, 150 to $8,850.

The analysts think it might be connected with the information from Craigh Wright claiming that he has received access to the wallet with 1,1 million BTC, as well as transactions made by bitcoin whales. Yesterday, Twitter-account Whale Alert monitoring large transactions in blockchain noticed that somebody moved 2,534, 982 and 984 BTC to an unknown wallet from Binance exchange. On the same day the platform received transfers of 2, 213 and 1,100 BTC.

The total amount of the transactions is $63,5 million.

Visa enters cryptocurrency market

Payment system Visa announced acquisition of fintech start-up Plaid working with cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Gemini. The deal was worth $5.3 billion.

Visa’s CEO Ad Kelly pointed out that this will allow the company enter the new market and occupy the central place in it.

“The combination of Visa and Plaid will put us at the epicenter of the fintech world, expanding our total addressable market and accelerating our long-term revenue growth trajectory”, — he said.

Plaid connects users’ bank accounts with fintech platforms. Currently the service cooperates with 11,000 financial institutions in the USA, Canada and Europe, servicing over 20 million accounts.

Exchanger monitor

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