Bitcoin will continue to grow, and the USA denies rumors about banning the main cryptocurrency

Bloomberg: Bitcoin will continue to grow

The fluctuations in the rate of the main cryptocoin can be $10,000–50,000. BTC capitalization can also grow to $ 1 trillion. Bloomberg analysts believe that another surge in the price of the coin will provoke a serious pace of quantitative easing, an increase in the ratio of debt to GDP and a decrease in the dynamics of cryptocurrency emission after the halving.

Experts note that the price of bitcoin can keep the price at the level of $19,000–20,000 for several months. However, they have no doubt that the first cryptocurrency will continue to grow. Their forecast is based on fundamental shifts in analogy to market behavior in 2017.

Cryptoexpert: the US does not plan to ban bitcoin

Brian Brooks, who fulfills the responsibilities of the monetary control of the United States, denied information about the plans of the American Ministry of Finance to tighten regulation of digital assets.

“We’re very focused on getting this right. We are very focused on not killing this, and it is equally important that we develop the networks behind bitcoin and other cryptos as it is we prevent money laundering and terrorism financing, ” the cryptoexpert said.

Brooks did not directly deny rumors about the likely measures that the US government allegedly plans to take in relation to autonomous cryptocurrency wallets. However, he said that we will hear many positive news for digital currencies. He also stressed that no one intends to prohibit BTC or the corresponding data transmission technologies.



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