Bitcoin’s price increased to almost $9,000, and Craig Wright fooled everyone again

Bitcoin’s price increased to almost $9,000

The world’s first cryptocurrency keeps on getting stronger, and its average trading price rose to $8,956 this Friday. Within the last 24 hours BTC plunged 3%.

Other popular crypto assets are also growing in price, Ethereum Classic (+30% within 24 hrs), EOS (+10%), Bitcoin SV (+9,4%) and Bitcoin Cash (+8,3%) are among leaders.

Craig Wright failed to prove receiving access to the wallet with 1 million BTC

Australian scientist Craig Wright, self-Proclaimed Satoshi Nakomoto, couldn’t prove to court that he had gained access to the wallet with 1,1 million BTC. According to the family of his ex-business partner Dave Kleiman, Wright only showed a list with 16, 404 bitcoin addressed he allegedly owns.

Craig did not provide any information on the bounded courier, the company he/she worked for, or the message delivered”, — Kleiman’s family stated.

Earlier, the court ordered Wright to pay the late Kleiman 500 thousand BTC. On January 14 the scientists said that a courier gave him a key to Tulip Trust with $9,6 billion in bitcoins. Against this background, Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency supported by Wright increased in priced and came in fourth place in the capitalization rating.

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