Bitcoin’s takeoff, Apple’s watching cryptocurrency, and Middle East can become the world’s new crypto center

Bitcoin continues to take off

On Thursday, September, 5 bitcoin continues to trade over $10 000. According to Coinmarketcap, the cost of the main cryptocoin reached $10 593.

The FxPro experts are confident: “Bitcoin is demonstrating practically unchanging price dynamics during the last day after a rebound of up to $ 10,700. The continued growth of the dominance index, which is steadily approaching 71% is worth noting. So far this indicator is far from 86% — the mark that was reached at the end of February 2010 (when the era of altcoins started). But there is a clear moving toward returning to this situation at the cryptocurrency market. Only huge investors can change the situation — in case they at any moment will consider altcoins as an attractive speculative instrument. However so far it is not the case, and all the efforts are being made toward creating investing infrastructure around bitcoin. Already on September, 23 in case of a successful launch of futures with the physical supply of actives, the market can experience a whopping demand impulse. We shouldn’t say that price dynamics in case of arrival of large institutional investors can swing both ways, but everyone has long accepted the rules of bitcoin volatile game, and it is these qualities that attract the participants of the markets the most”.

Middle East can become one of the world’s cryptocurrency centers

BitMex starts cooperation with the Rain cryptocurrency platform from Bahrain. Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMex, twitted: “The reach of BitMEX expands. I’m super excited to start working with Rain”. The representatives of the platform also said that cooperation with BitMex will help the Middle East to become one of the largest digital assets market in the world. Earlier Rain attracted $2,5 million in investment. The investment subdivision of BitMex Ventures became the key investor.

Apple believes in cryptocurrencies

Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s Vice President, said the company is watching the development of digital assets. She said that cryptocurrencies have long-term potential. Bailey believes that currently the society, especially in the USA, lack trust in mobile payments, such as Apple Pay. She empathized that people still think that the payments with a physical card are safer. But it will take some time to bring it home to users that this is not true.

Exchanger monitor

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