Bitmain bets on bitcoin’s pump and the record number of BTC-wallets registered

Bitmain bets on bitcoin’s pump

The largest manufacturer of mining equipment counts on bitcoin’s price increase in 2020, the company’s new strategy suggest.

Bitmain lowers pre-payment from 100 to 50 per cent when ordering 100 to 999 mining units. Larger investors purchasing more than 5,000 units can pay a minimum 20 percent upfront.

Moreover, the company offers cooperation to miners — Bitmain would cover electricity costs retaining 75 per cent of mining profits in return, while mining farm operators remain responsible for maintenance.

And, thirdly, the Chinese manufacturer has launched options for bitcoins at $5,000 expiring on March, 27, 2020. This will allow farm owners sell the coins with a profit, if bitcoins’ price will be lower than that.

The number of bitcoin-addresses hits a new record

According to Coinmetrics portan, the number of bitcoin addresses with the cryptocurrencys has grown to the record of 28.29 milion. The previous maximum took place at the end of 2018 when BTC cost around $3’200.

Alex Thorne analyst pointed out that it is hard to use this data to judge about the real number of bitcoin owners, however, it shows spreading and acceptance of cryptocurrency.

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