BTC can help save savings and protect them from inflation, according to analysts at Fidelity Digital Assets

Analysts at Fidelity Digital Assets consider the main cryptocurrency to be the most optimal insurance for an investment portfolio in the current market situation. In their study, the experts noted that “the path of cryptocurrencies is very different from the path that fiat currencies are taking.” We are talking about the behavior of regulators that increase the volume of money supply.

Analysts believe that the US dollar seriously affects the international currency market, which is why Bitcoin can be an effective tool for hedging investment risks. The Fidelity Digital Assets report says that the strengthening of the dollar negatively affects the financial markets of other countries. Therefore, it is possible that the Fed may loosen its policy.

Experts are sure that it is BTC that can help save savings and protect them from inflation. The main crypto coin is still one of the assets that does not depend on other people’s obligations and is not exposed to counterparty risks.

“The US dollar is still strong against other fiat currencies. But the reality of the US financial system is that, in the long run, it will do the same thing that is happening in the UK. Bitcoin is very different from the path that the rest of the world and fiat currencies can take,” said analysts at Fidelity Digital Assets.

Meanwhile, ARK Invest CEO Cathy Wood reminded that she predicted the growth of Bitcoin capitalization to $4.5 trillion, even when BTC was worth about $250. The entrepreneur turned to economist Arthur Laffer with a request to get acquainted with the white paper of the first cryptocurrency.

Wood was interested in the prospects of digital gold as a means of payment, as well as a tool for storing value and circulation. The economist spoke positively about bitcoin, and for the head of ARK Invest, this was a signal to invest in BTC.

By her own admission, then Wood invested more than $100,000 in cryptocurrency, which at the rate of $250 was about 400 BTC. Now it is worth over $7 million.



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