Can the exchange rate suddenly change?

Can it happen that you find one rate in the monitor, but when you visit the exchanger, find out another one? In rare cases the correction of the rate is possible in the process of creating an order, although we try to exclude such situations. The conditions depend directly on a specific exchanger. Please carefully study the information on the order creation page. There following data must be specified there:

💰On what conditions change of the rate is possible.

💰 Based on what exchange or other platform the exchange rate is being formed.

💰 With cash exchangers, commissions, coefficients and other conditions which influence the amount you give and receive must be stipulated in detail.

The client must clearly understand how much money they will receive as the result. The exchanger must inform about any recalculations and additional commissions, more so, they must do it before the payment for the order.

Select high-quality exchangers that work transparently and do not hide information to fraud clients. And BestChange will help you.



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