Carl Icahn to invest $1.5 billion in crypto assets, and BlackRock announces the potential of digital assets

Carl Icahn announces his readiness to invest in crypto assets

The entrepreneur said that he considers BTC as a store of value, and ETH as a payment system among other things.

Icahn said that he does not yet own cryptocurrency assets. However, he is exploring how Icahn Enterprises can get involved seriously in this. An entrepreneur’s investment in cryptocurrencies can reach $1–1.5 billion.

Icahn is confident that digital currencies are becoming more popular due to rising inflation, and any criticism against them is “in some way wrong.”

“Well, what’s the value of a dollar? The only value of the dollar is because you can use it to pay taxes,” Icahn said.

BlackRock Says Digital Assets May Have Long-Term Investment Potential

“The firm has monitored the evolution of crypto assets. We are studying what it means, the infrastructure, the regulatory landscape,”- the CEO of BlackRock said.

He stressed that the investment company is focused on long-term investments, where digital currencies have a potential similar to gold. In addition, Fink noted that it is too early to draw conclusions about whether crypto assets are “only a speculative trading instrument.”

Robinhood and PayPal will allow cryptocurrencies to be withdrawn to third-party wallets

“It’s not like there’s a switch that flipped, like: ‘increase capacity. It’s very, very complicated in terms of making sure that optimization is happening,” Brown explained.

The payment system PayPal will also allow its users to withdraw their cryptocurrency savings to third-party wallets. According to the vice president of the company, Jose Fernandez da Ponte, the payment service wants to “provide a choice to its customers, something that allows them to pay in any way they prefer.”



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