CashFlow — Financially Educational Board Game

Earlier we already told you about the book by Robert Kiyosaki, and today we would like to tell you about an interesting game based on his books. Millions of people in the world are getting on the way to financial freedom simply by playing this cult game — CashFlow.

CashFlow has become a revolutionary educational product, the aim of which is to shed some light on the laws of money movement, teach the player the skills of investing and reading financial reports. This is an intellectual gear developed by the famous American business man, trainer and investor. The game models real life situations and teaches you to make financial decisions, considering various risks and prospects.

You don’t need a special background or skills to play the game. Anybody can understand the laws of money, having played the game for a few times.

The game’s idea: You are given a certain profession and different parameters (income, expenses, credits, the number of children, savings etc.), and your aim is to earn money, buy stocks, make different deals with real estate to earn necessary passive income (when your money makes more money). But on your way there will be various obstacles from the real world.

With all its seeming complexity, the game is very interesting, funny and dynamic. It can be called an upgraded version of Monopoly.

Secret unraveled, this is the favorite board game of not only the world’s leading investors, but also of BestChange’s commercial director.

Have you played this game? Would you recommend it to our subscribers? If you haven’t played, would you like to give it a try and get out from the vicious circle — the rats race?

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