Be cautious!

Scammers create copies of popular websites, including our monitoring BestChange. Then they place links to their phishing websites in social networks, emails and Google ads.

In 2018 we detected and blocked over a thousand of phishing and scam websites.

The best way to avoid a scam is to manually enter URL of the website into the address bar or use favorites of your browser. It also makes sense to recheck addresses of the websites you have visited and where you have accounts. If you get readdressed somewhere, analyze attentively the URL address of the website you have landed on.

We use only this address:

(delete brackets around full stops)

If a letter is missing or substituted by another one, or the domain name is different, or prefix “https” is not used, you can be sure — it’s a phishing copy. Close such sites straight away, do not follow the links on such sites and do not interact with them in any way!

We recommend you add our website into favorites (Ctrl+D) and use them to come to our website

Exchanger monitor

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