China controls over half of bitcoin hash rate, and KeepKey wallet hacked in 15 minutes

One province in China controls 54 per cent of bitcoin hash rate

According to CoinShares website, 54 per cent of bitcoins are mined in a Chinese province Sichuan, and in total China control 65 percent of bitcoin hash rate.

This is the highest recorded hash rate share — in June China controlled only 60 per cent of mining capacities. The leadership of the People’s Repbublic of China is due to the fact that the world’s leading mining equipment manufacturers are located in the country, specialists of CoinShares note. However, according to them, soon the influence of China will decrease since more equipment is being distributed over world’s markets.

KeepKey wallet hacked in 15 minutes

Kraken exchange’s specialists said they managed to hack hardware wallet KeepKey in 15 minutes. They got access to the SEED-phrase through a “voltage glitching”. The device that can be used for this kind of attacks costs only $75.

According the experts, it would be challenging to eliminate the vulnerability because for this is the flaw on the level of micro-controller.

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