CoinMarketCap introduces a new metric, and BCH is getting a protocol upgrade in a few days

CoinMarketCap started comparing token pairs based on liquidity.

On November 12, leading analytical service CoinMarketCap announced launching of a new metric to rank exchanges and token pairs based on liquidity.

The announcement was made by Carylyne Chan, chief strategy officer at CoinMarketCap at a conference in Singapore.

The metric is already live on the company’s site. The new tool incorporates data from 3000 crypto assets and uses a wide range of factors, such us order sizes and correlation to the average price of an asset.

“We believe our adaptive methodology will make our metric very difficult to ‘game’ as orders would need to be placed close to the mid-price, or risk being counter-productive to the Liquidity metric scoring,” — Carylyne Chan explained how CoinMarketCap sees the tool helping filter out market manipulation.

She also added that volume lost its value as a metric.

CoinMarketCap initially teased their planned liquidity metric for crypto exchanges in August.

Bitcoin Cash Network Upgrade Scheduled on November 15th, 2019

On November 15, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will undergo a protocol upgrade. After the upgrade, the next block will enforce minimal pushdata in script and the opcodes OP_Checkmultisig and OP_Checkmultisigverify will be able to accept Schnorr signatures.

Businesses and individuals who use the Bitcoin Cash network should check to ensure that their software is compatible with the upgrade.

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