Crypto enthusiast voiced two scenarios for the development of the digital currency industry

Well-known American stand-up and TV host Joe Rogan believes in digital currencies and thinks that in the future, each company will start issuing its own non-fungible tokens. Together with fellow podcaster Adam Curry, he discussed the state of the cryptocurrency market.

“Either the cryptocurrency industry will completely disintegrate, or it will give people a real chance to fix their financial situation and improve their lives,” — Joe Rogan voiced two possible scenarios for the development of the industry.

Curry noted that today many of the users do not want to become part of the existing system, so they are creating alternative ecosystems. The podcaster talked about investing in bitcoin, adding that he “jumped on the train”, since it is BTC that is able to guarantee the safety of his assets.

Adam Curry believes that the monetary system is ineffective, which leads to poverty and war, inflation occurs, since money is associated with oil. Joe Rogan suggested that in the future, companies will create their own collectible tokens for customers to use to buy products.

“Apple can easily release NFTs through which users will buy products. This can be called an alternative version of the shares,” said the TV presenter.

But Curry did not agree with Rogan’s opinion, as he believes that large companies and authorities will focus on introducing digital assets from regulators. All citizens will start digital wallets, which will be a direct link between users and the Fed, and the demand for familiar banking services will disappear, the podcaster is convinced.

Billionaire and entrepreneur Bill Miller recently spoke about digital assets. He talked about what prompted him to invest in MicroStrategy bonds.

The billionaire’s company Miller Value Partners has invested more than $1 billion in the main cryptocurrency. According to the entrepreneur, “there is no other asset with the same growth potential and liquidity.”

“Bitcoin is still a new and underdeveloped asset with a huge potential market, and it has a great, logical protocol with distributed governance,” said the businessman.

Miller doesn’t believe regulators are planning to ban BTC. He recalled that the main crypto-coin has existed for about 12 years and shows itself perfectly without the intervention of the authorities. In addition, the billionaire noted that regulators in the United States have become more positive towards Bitcoin, prompting large investors to invest in the crypto asset.

“Bitcoin is performing much better than just an asset for storing wealth. When the volatility of BTC approaches the volatility of government bonds, then the bitcoin rate will be much higher, the capitalization will be huge, and the profit will be insignificant. I think when it comes to that, bitcoin will become more often used for exchange,” said Bill Miller.

Do you agree with the American billionaire?




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