Crypto exchanges are gaining popularity, and the Mexican billionaire called BTC his “best investment”

The number of visitors to cryptocurrency exchanges has significantly grown

A month earlier, this figure was only 196 million. The growth in the number of visitors was 75% per month. Previously, the record number of visitors to crypto exchanges was in January 2018. Then the platform sites were visited by 531 million people.

According to the latest data, Binance is the most popular among users. Its site accounts for almost 30% of all visits.

Coinbase is actively working to attract an audience to its website. In October last year, this figure was 20.9%, and in January 2021 it increased to 25.1%. Kraken closes the top three most popular crypto platforms with a share of 6.1%.

Mexican billionaire named BTC as his “best investment of all time”

Pliego also revealed that he first acquired BTC at $200 about 7 years ago. And in 2017, the entrepreneur sold it during a bullish trend, when the coin cost about $17,000. According to the businessman, bitcoin is his “best investment of all time.”

Pliego previously stated that bitcoins account for about 10% of his “liquid portfolio”. He invested the rest of his money in precious metals. The entrepreneur intends to hold the cryptocurrency for at least 5 years.

The Central Bank of Australia does not see a threat in Bitcoin

“[Bitcoin] is not a payment instrument and it’s not even really money. I think there is a lot of fuss about it as a potential asset,” Bullock said.

Bullock also stressed that she does not consider BTC volatility to be a risk to the market. The chairman of the Reserve Bank of Australia Philip Lowe joined her opinion.

“[Bitcoin] is a risk to investors but it’s not a financial stability risk,” Lowe said.

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