Crypto traders’ trading activity is on the rise, ETH miners are also in the plus

Trading activity related to cryptocurrencies is breaking records

Another rise of Bitcoin, as well as the recent launch of the zero phase of Ethereum 2.0, led to records of trading activity on the Binance crypto platform. This is stated in the report of the exchange.

At the end of November, platform analysts stated a historical maximum of the trading volume within 24 hours. It was $ 37 billion. Binance’s cumulative turnover reached $ 50 billion last month.

Serious activity in the market was facilitated by the entry of the BTC value to the next historical maximum in the spot market. Over the past month, bitcoin has grown by almost 40%. Its capitalization has surpassed the $350 billion mark.

ETH miners earned more in November than in October

Ethereum miners’ profits increased significantly last month compared to October. It amounted to $262 million. However, this figure is still lower than the August and September levels.

A significant portion of the profits for Ethereum miners came from transaction fees. The growth of this type of income is associated with the development of the direction of decentralized financing and the number of transactions. In November, miners earned $62 million thanks to transaction fees.

In September, ETH miners earned $321 million. 50% of this amount is made up of transaction fees.

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