Currency Of Knights Order

Did you know that today you can buy coins of the oldest order of knights in the world from the knights themselves?

We are talking about “scudo” which is the official currency of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

What’s interesting, Order of Malta has diplomatic relations with 107 countries thanks to a large number of ambassadors. In accordance with the international law, the Order of Maltа is a sovereign subject. The Order positions itself as a state.

The income sources of the Order of Malta are the income from property, charity and selling post stamps and memorable coins.

Historically, minting coins of the Order started in 1318. Coins minted today are 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 scudi, 2, 9 tarì, 10 grani (1 skudo = 12 tarì = 240 grani).

The technology or minting coins was getting better with centuries, and the appearance of the Order’s coins was improving. During occupation of Malta the bank issued banknotes with a nominal value between 5 to 1000 scudo, but nowadays the Order does not issue banknotes.

In 1961 the Order has resumed minting the coins using the old monetary systems and continues to mint up to this current day.

The coins are not expensive. As per today’s rate 1 scudo is about 0,24 Euro. Would you like to get these coins directly from knights?

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