Dash rises 5% after network upgrade, while Bitcoin SV activity jumped 868% in three days

Dash went up 5% after the network upgrade

Over the past 24 hours, Dash has gained 5.11%.

On September 30, the development team announced the release of the Dash Core v0.16.0.1 update. It introduces a number of significant changes, including redistributing block rewards, modifying the PrivatSend blending option to increase anonymity, and improving the wallet user interface.

“The changes included in this major upgrade a part of the Dash Evolution vision, a decentralized payments platform built on top of the Dash blockchain. Dash aims to make ours the most user-friendly blockchain-based payments platform in the world, ”reads the official Dash blog.

On 1 October, the coin was trading at $70.51; since the end of 2017, the asset has lost more than 95% in price.

Deutsche Bank: CBDCs May Challenge Dollar Hegemony

Geopolitical tensions, the COVID-19 pandemic, private stablecoin projects like Libra — all these create ideal conditions for the development of central bank digital currencies (CBDC).

The global financial system is on the verge of exponential change, according to a report by Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank. For example, China began testing CBDCs in four major cities just 11 years after Bitcoin was created.

The digital yuan could challenge the dollar’s global leadership, said Gerith Heinz, chief investment strategist at Deutsche Bank.

“The e-RMB and the Belt and Road Initiative would give China a chance to increase the importance of that currency overall. That could also imply some changes in the global reserve system. CBDC has the potential to challenge the primacy of the U.S. dollar, ” Heinz points out.

Bitcoin SV Network Activity Jumps 868% In Three Day

The number of active addresses on the Bitcoin SV network has grown 9.68 times in less than three days.

On September 29, the figure was 110 thousand, and on October 1, it skyrocketed to 1.06 million. The volume of transactions during the same period jumped by 144%: from 715 thousand to 1.75 million.

Twitter users associate this with the start of the CoinGeek Live conference, which started on September 30 and will run until October 2. The online event features speakers such as Bitcoin Association President Jimmy Nguyen, Craig Wright and Fundstrat Global Managing Partner Thomas Lee.

The Bitcoin Association adheres to the idea that Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin. Today the fork is trading at $ 176, while Bitcoin costs $10,888.

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