EU Commission is after Apple Pay, bankers are skeptic about Libra, and investors tried to list Gram on Poloniex exchange

The EU Commission accuses Apple Pay payment system of breaking antitrust law

The EU Commission officials think that Apple Pay limits competition, since Wallet app for iPhone does not support alternative payment options. If this accusation gets proven, it can lead to a multi-million fine on Tim Cook’s corporation.

Banks threaten to cease cooperation with Facebook because of Libra cryptocurrency

Ralf Hamers, the CEO of banking corporation ING Group, said in an interview to Financial Times that bankers are concerned about Libra token launch. The top-manager of ING explained it that the new Facebook cryptocurrency can be used for laundering of criminal money. In their turn, Facebook representatives state that Libra will be launched only after all necessary permissions are received from financial regulators.

Telegram investors tried to list Gram cryptocurrency on an exchange

Sergey Vasin, the head of the Swiss custodial service Gram Vault, representing the interests of the largest investors of Telegram, applied for listing of the Gram token on the Poloniex exchange. The screenshot of the online form with the date about listing was added to the list of the documents for consideration by the District court of New York. Vasin’s application was made before it became known that the US the Securities and Exchange Commission had started a lawsuit against Pavel Durov’s company.

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