Facebook is getting ready to launch Diem, and a well-known investor says BTC is going mainstream

Facebook is getting ready to launch Diem stablecoin

The Diem project, formerly called Libra, is preparing to launch a digital currency with the support of Facebook. The stablecoin pegged to the US dollar is scheduled to be released in 2021, CNBC reports, citing a source.

The pilot will be small in scale. As planned, the focus will o be on transactions for paying for purchasing between individual consumers. Diem is already in talks with the Swiss regulator to obtain a license for transactions involving stablecoin.

“A big step of our dialogue with regulators has been a phased approach to launch. We are going to be phasing in different functionalities and use cases, applications in different areas,” Diem Chief Economist Christian Catalini said earlier.

American investor says bitcoin is going mainstream

Well-known American investor and philanthropist Bill Miller is confident that BTC is gradually becoming a part of the mainstream, and the rise in the bitcoin rate in recent months is significantly different from the 2017 rally, which was followed by the collapse of the crypto market.

“Supply is growing 2% a year and demand is growing faster … and that means it’s going higher. I don’t think this is a bubble at all in bitcoin, I think this is now the beginning of a mainstreaming of it,” the founder of Miller Value Partners said.

The investor believes that Bitcoin is not a bubble today. According to Miller, “this is the beginning of its widespread use.”

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