Factors influencing on exchange rate in exchangers

💲Saving up and convenience are the two key advantages the BestChange monitor offers to its users. In order you could save up the most funds, we adhere to the principle of transparency.

Having chosen a required payment direction, you will see a list of exchangers that support it, sorted by rate. The rates are updated every five seconds thus they are always relevant. At the same time, you can notice that when updating the page, exchangers change their place, some become more profitable, others less.

The rate in an exchanger depends on several factors:

💰 Relevant exchange rate for the trading pare. Exchangers take it from crypto exchanges, such as Binance or Poloniex.

💰 Exchanger’s commission. As a rule, it is not indicated directly but is included in the rate. That’s why it’s more profitable to choose exchangers via the monitor.

💰 Exchange amount. Some exchangers charge additional fees when exchanging certain amounts, for instance, up to 100 USD. In this case, the largest possible rate is displayed on the monitor. The service must inform about these nuances at the stage of creating an order, this is one of our requirements to exchangers.

When selecting an exchanger, please pay attention to the marks next to the name of the exchanger (see the image), there can be important information. For example, if the rate is fixed at the moment of creating an order — this is crucial, because during the processing of an order the value of the currency can significantly drop od surge and you will receive not what you expected.

We aim to provide all the information that can be important to you. Choose attentively, and then losses when exchanging currencies will be minimal.



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