Fintech startup with investments from DiCaprio may go public, and Ray Dalio chooses BTC

Aspiration fintech project of Andrey Cherny and Joseph Sanberg may become public

Fintech project Aspiration, which has previously been invested by actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey Jr. and eBay co-founder Jeff Skolley, may go public this year. It is not yet known exactly how this will go — through a public offering on the stock exchange or otherwise.

Ray Dalio prefers BTC over bonds

Ray Dalio, CEO of Bridgewater Associates, talked about buying a small amount of bitcoins, because he considers this asset to be an excellent store of value. According to the financier, the US dollar is now on the verge of devaluation, similar to the one that occurred in 1971.

MicroStrategy believes that making Bitcoin a reserve asset is the direct responsibility of IT companies

Phong Le, CEO of MicroStrategy, is confident that making BTC a reserve asset is the direct responsibility of IT companies.

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