Gary Gensler is disappointed that crypto projects are not looking to register with the SEC, and Donald Trump calls BTC fake

Gary Gensler is disappointed that crypto projects are not seeking to register with the SEC

SEC chairman Gary Gensler continues to insist that projects from the digital currency industry need regulation. Otherwise, they may lose people’s trust.

“The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has already exceeded $2 trillion. If this market will have any significance after five or ten years, it will be within the framework of state policy. The cryptocurrency industry is about finance, and finance is about trust,” the American official said.

Gensler also said that he was disappointed with the reaction of the crypto market to his proposals to register with the SEC. In his opinion, many projects would receive opportunities for more efficient work if they began to cooperate with regulators.

“We are ready for an open dialogue with cryptocurrency firms, just come to us and talk. However, there is a feeling that the platforms seem to be asking for forgiveness, and not asking permission,” Gensler said.

Donald Trump calls BTC fake

Former U.S. President Donald Trump considers investment in digital currencies “a disaster waiting to happen.” He stated that he is “not a fan” of such assets and himself does not invest in BTC or its analogues.

“I like the U.S. currency,” Donald Trump said on Varney & Co. show.

The former American president is confident that investments in digital assets “harm the American economy” and urged citizens to keep their savings in U.S. dollars. According to him, the U.S. dollar should be “the main currency of the world,” and the cryptocurrency “may turn out to be a fake.”



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