Grayscale crypto fund got a $300 million investment during one day, and 61% of European investors plan to buy cryptocurrency

Survey: 61% of European investors have bought or are planning to buy cryptocurrency

Cointelegraph Consulting conducted a survey of 55 professional investors from Europe.

They manage more than €719 billion, which is almost double the capitalization of the digital asset market. It turned out that 36% of respondents already have cryptocurrencies in their portfolio — through direct investment or through funds, structured products or futures.

Out of the remaining 64% who have not yet invested in digital assets, 39% plan to do so in the future. Thus, 61% of professional investors who participated in the survey either already own cryptocurrencies or are going to buy them.

The vast majority are interested in Bitcoin (88%) and Ethereum (75%).

Visa and Mastercard will add an option to buy cryptocurrency

Thinks Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz. In his opinion, the example of PayPal, which has integrated the ability to purchase a number of cryptocurrencies, will be followed by other payment systems.

Among them are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Moreover, this will happen within a year, the businessman notes.

“It’s no longer a debate if crypto is a thing, if Bitcoin is an asset if the blockchain is going to be part of the financial infrastructure. It’s not if, it’s when, and so every single company has to have a plan now, ”says Novogratz.

However, in his opinion, in the next five years, bitcoin is unlikely to become a common means of payment. Rather, it will be used as a savings asset.

Grayscale crypto fund got a $300 million investment during one day

On October 22, the Grayscale cryptocurrency fund received a $300 million investment, according to the head of the company Barry Silbert.

As of October 22, the investment company manages assets in the amount of $7.3 billion. Over the week, the figure grew by $1 billion. Most of the funds are stored in the Bitcoin trust ($6 billion) and the Ethereum trust ($942 million).

The company’s Bitcoin fund controls approximately 2.5% of the total supply of coins — currently, about 18.5 million bitcoins have been mined.

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