Greg Magadini from Amberdata admitted that it is possible to trade ETH only in conditions of “immediate” relative price volatility

2 min readJun 25, 2024


Experts expect the Ethereum rate to rise to $4,800. QCP Capital believes that such a forecast reflects the position of the options market.

Analysts believe that despite the uncertainty surrounding the approval of an Ether-based ETF, demand of 10–20% of inflows into the Bitcoin ETF will push Ethereum past $4,000, and then the crypto coin could rise to $4,800.

Experts pointed to active purchases of ETH in the specified price bracket and an increase in implied volatility. QCP Capital associates bullish sentiment with the completion of the SEC investigation into Ethereum 2.0, as a result of which ETH sales were not recognized as securities transactions.

Also, investor sentiment may be associated with the expectation of positive dynamics in terms of collaboration between the American regulator and companies that previously submitted applications to launch spot exchange-traded funds based on ether.

Recently, players present in the options market are expecting stronger fluctuations in the value of Ethereum. However, Greg Magadini of Amberdata believes that much of the ETH-ETF hype may be due to hopes for significant capital inflows from institutional investors.

“Longterm I still love ETH, but there seems to be a trading opportunity around the ‘immediate’ ETH relative vol pricing today,” Magadini noted.

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